Our history

The firm was founded in the 1970s in Milan, at its original office in Corso Europa 10. In 1990, the associated accounting firm was born and, over the following ten years, it changed locations and grew, boasting two partners and more than ten collaborators by the end of 1999. The following decade, it saw market growth, the development of stock exchanges around the world and the corporate use of new extraordinary finance instruments (LBO, Private Equity, M&A). The firm made a name for itself and customers were no longer limited to national companies but also, and above all, international enterprises.

The firm underwent a transformation thanks to technological innovation.

In 2000, founding partners CHiaravalli and REAli joined forced, leading to the creation of CHREA, which faces the market with the experience of professionals who for years have worked alongside healthy Italian businesses, companies, production departments and administrative offices, where double-entry accounting was still done by hand.

Thanks to this consolidated experience, CHREA serves international customers that invest in Italy, making a technological leap in its culture and processes.

More than 50 years after its establishment, CHREA now counts 5 partners and over 20 specialised collaborators, auditors and accountants, and has been a member of the BOKS International alliance since 2021.


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