Social and Governance

For providers of professional services, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria not only identify compliance with ethical values, but also represent privileged organisational and strategic tools for the sustainable management of the increasingly complex and detailed business chains in which they operate.

The firm makes these criteria its own and incorporates sustainability requirements in its current business model, on the one hand to meet the growing demand of customers, and on the other, for the advantages in terms of reputation connected to the integration of these criteria at firms, also through the definition of truly sustainable procurement.

For these reasons, sustainability at the firm is classified by ESG factors in the Environmental sphere (E) – adopting recycling systems with precise rules to reduce waste and inefficiency, properly disposing of electronic waste, minimising the use of paper and plastic, favouring sustainable mobility and energy efficiency in the office; in the Social sphere (S) – promoting inclusion, gender equality, equal opportunities and work-life balance within the organisation; and finally in terms of Governance (G) – identifying and formalising organisational, management and control documents and tools that express its values and its commitment to respect the highest standards of transparency, fairness, legality, protection of people and the environment, both inside and outside the organisation.


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