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Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

Italian tax legislation

• Consultancy in the field of direct and indirect taxation of companies and individuals

• Real estate tax consultancy

• Tax consultancy in the banking, financial and insurance sectors

• Inheritance tax consultancy

Worldwide taxation

• International tax planning

• Incorporation and consultancy for Italian companies and branches of multinationals

• Consultancy on transfer pricing

• Tax consultancy and assistance for foreign citizens resident in Italy

• Assistance in the field of Italian VAT abroad (regulations, refunds, etc.)

• VAT tax representation in Italy and/or assistance with the VAT direct identification procedure for non-resident companies

Merger & Acquisitions

On-going assistance in M&A transactions, from the preliminary phases, to the incorporation of companies and the business start-up and development, up to closing and the post-acquisition phase

• M&A planning and structuring including analysis of the related direct and indirect taxation

• Tax efficiency schemes

• Drafting of appraisals, estimates and valuations

• Tax due diligence

• Assistance in post-acquisition processes and procedures

Commercial and corporate law

Assistance for the incorporation of joint-stock companies, partnerships and related activities

• Extraordinary transactions (mergers, splits, transformations)

• Transfer of shares and equity investments in general

• Complete “A to Z” assistance in the implementation of corporate documents (i.e. from the drafting of deeds to filing with the business register, including the updating and keeping of the company books)


• Bookkeeping

• Drafting of annual and consolidated financial statements

• Administrative outsourcing

Other services

• Electronic transmissions (INTRASTAT, Black List)

• Training in tax, administrative and accounting fields

• Drafting of appraisals and valuations of companies, brands, assets and impairment tests

• Support for budgeting and business planning

Partners and Collaborators

The senior partners and collaborators at CHREA serve (or have served) as auditors for companies, including listed companies, as independent directors of listed companies, as directors of companies, as legal representatives of foreign branches, and as members of Supervisory Boards pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.